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Heavy rains present flood threats for Orissa
2008-08-10 11:44:13
Meteorological offices have predicted heavy rainfall over upper Mahanadi, the Rusikulya and the Banshadhara rivers with heavier rainfalls at a few places over lower Mahanadi catchment areas over the next 24 hours. The water levels in Banshadhara were close to the danger mark. Floods are also forecast for the first time this monsoon in Mahanadi due to the rains expected starting tomorrow afternoon.

Low pressure developed Friday on the Bay-of-Bengal has been shaping into a depression that is likely to affect most parts of the state. Winds up to 50 km/h have been forecast. Fishermen have been advised against venturing into the seas. Heavy rains are expected along coastal areas of northern and southern Orissa.

Due to the low pressure, flood situation has also developed in Kalahandi and Raygada areas. Flood and weather related deaths have been reported in Kalahandi and Raygada areas.
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